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How we can we approach women's reproductive health in a 'person-centered' approach around the world

Dr. Kelsey Holt, a social and behavioral scientist whose research portfolio is dedicated to identifying ways to promote equity and 'person-centeredness' within the sexual and reproductive health field, joins our host -- journalist Brian Mastroianni -- to discuss why it's so vital we center reproductive health access and rights in global health today. Access for women, in particular, to safe, affirming reproductive health care is an issue that touches all walks of life. It reaches far and wide as a public health, societal, and economic issue. Dr. Holt, an associate professor in family community medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine, has worked on projects that span Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, and the United States. In this episode, she touches on everything from the one-year anniversary of the 2022 Supreme Court decision that struck down nationwide abortion rights protections to her own work in crafting person-centered contraceptive counseling solutions in countries such as Ethiopia and India. How can making access to and better supporting reproductive health lead us to build healthier societies around the world and close that persistent, entrenched global gender health gap?

Check out our full Special Report on closing the gender health gap here:

You can listen to the episode below!

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