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  • Nikita Chopra

The story of living with a chronic illness: The importance of empowering others

Have you heard of plaque psoriasis? Our host, journalist Brian Mastroianni, speaks with Nitika Chopra, a U.S.-based chronic illness advocate, talk show host, and social media influencer. As the founder and CEO of Chronicon, which serves as a hub for the more than 133 million Americans who live with a chronic illness, Nitika is committed to empowering others like her to share their stories and combat stigma. As the face of Clear Understanding, an awareness campaign from Bristol Myers Squibb, Nitika wants to dispel misconceptions and share the realities of what it is like to live with this chronic illness.

Shedding a spotlight on psoriasis is needed. A life-long chronic condition, a psoriasis flare can be greatly disruptive to a person’s daily life. This condition touches all walks of life, all over the world. The World Psoriasis Day consortium ⁠reveals⁠ that 125 million people around the world — about 2 to 3 percent of the global population — live with this condition.

What can we, as a collective global health community, do to better address psoriasis and other chronic conditions?

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You can listen to the episode below!

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