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Special Report

Unveiling the global skin disease burden

Though skin disease might appear a peripheral issue in global health, it offers a unique window into broader public health and social issues, including access to healthcare and education, colourism, mental wellbeing, and the growing burden of chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease.


Moreover, in the age of social media, where image and self-perception hold significant sway, the psychological impact of skin conditions, particularly among young people, adds another layer of urgency.


Our special report will shed light on the global burden of skin diseases with a focus on the interwoven areas of mental health, youth, racial disparities, cultural conceptions of skin, and the link with non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Let’s explore together how something as ubiquitous as skin problems can reveal complex stories about our changing world and the impact on human health. Welcome to our special report on skin disease.


A note on unveiling the global skin disease burden report

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